2nd Amendment: Albany Rally


I am proud. Yesterday we rallied in our state capital for our 2nd Amendment. I am already seeing bogus reports claiming “hundreds” in attendance despite us numbering 5 to 10,000!

Waking up at 6:30am, I hustled into Manhattan to pick up my rental car (a Fiat we’d later dub “the cherry bomb!”). Bill Cooper of Oath Keepers called to ask if I could provide a ride for a friend of his so the two of us then made our way over to Astoria. After taking the longest way possible (yep, I took a few wrong turns), the “cherry bomb” landed at Ditmars and 31st where we met Bill and another mutual friend. Despite initial plans to ride up seperately, we decided to pile into my red scooter and off we went!

2013-01-19 11.28.58

We met up a few others at a rest stop somewhere along the way and taped a few signs to our vehicles. I didn’t take pictures of the other cars but believe me when I say more than a few “kodak moments” presented themselves. At one point, a car with an Obama bumpersticker sharply cut off our lead vehicle in an obvious move of aggression. Most sane people however, honked horns in support and gave us “thumbs up” signals as they passed by.

2013-01-19 12.19.06

We arrived around 12pm and I heard the crowds before I saw them. Despite the short notice and cold weather, I suddenly found myself among thousands of like-minded patriots. I’ll contine to post information but think it’s important you watch the following speech on Nullification right now!

You probably also want to hear what this Iraq vet has to say (though I don’t understand the pause when asked if he’d follow orders to disarm citizens) as well as these very bright and aware ladies

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  1. Terry Zink says:

    This is amazing to see. Great work.

    • Jayna says:

      Just to calarify — I cannot prove that the numbers I presented in my previous comment actually add up to over 40% — 19% of voters under 30 overlap with 13% black and 10% latinos — I do not know how many whites under 30 voted as a percentage and how many white single women voted as a penaertcge.

  2. […] at 4:30am with about 2 hours of sleep and met up with several Oath Keepers in order to make our way back up to Albany. The speeches were powerful and despite the cold, roughly 2000 patriots were fired up! […]

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