NYS Senator Kathleen A. Marchione Supports Repeal of NY SAFE Act

I just received the following email….

Thank you for your recent e-mail expressing support for the Second
Amendment and protecting the Constitutional rights of all law-abiding gun
owners.  I was glad to hear from you on this important issue and I value
your opinion.

I want to let you know how much I appreciate your patience in hearing back
from me directly on this critical issue.  Our office actually began
receiving a very high volume of e-mails, phone calls and letters regarding
the Second Amendment back in the first week of January when our Senate
e-mail account was first activated!  Because so many of the messages were
heartfelt, I wanted to take the time and make sure you received a
thoughtful response.  I realize this is a lengthy reply, so I appreciate
you reading it through to completion.

Let me begin by assuring you of my continued, strong support for the Second
Amendment.  I believe that our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms
truly is America’s first freedom and must be preserved and protected.

On Monday night (January 14), during the opening day of our 2013
Legislative Session – and in my first formal floor vote as a Member of the
New York State Senate – I opposed legislation that weakened the Second
Amendment Constitutional freedoms of gun owners.  Not only did I vote
against this new restrictive, unconstitutional gun control legislation, I
stood up and spoke out against it.  You can view my remarks on the Senate
floor and my comments immediately after we voted by clicking this link:

More gun control laws are not the answer to stopping violent crime.
Instead of enacting more laws that needlessly curtail the Constitutional
rights of gun owners, the focus should be on stopping dangerous criminals
who use a firearm – usually obtained illegally – in the commission of a
crime.  Criminals are the problem, NOT lawful gun owners!  You can read my
formal statement opposing the gun control measure by clicking this link:

I do support legislation that would significantly increase penalties on
dangerous criminals who use guns.  We need to send a clear message to all
criminals: commit a crime with a firearm, and you will go to jail for a
very long time.  Such a common sense, enforcement-first approach has proven
effective in stopping crime and protecting citizens.  In addition, I
believe that we need to seriously and carefully examine the issue of mental
health to ensure that firearms do not fall into the hands of individuals
who are seriously ill and pose a clear and present danger to themselves or

It is time for an honest and adult conversation about the issue of mental
health and the availability of mental health services for individuals and
families who are in crisis.  Also, we need to stress character education
and non-violent conflict resolution in our schools, while making sure our
schools are as safe as humanly possible.  Such a comprehensive approach
will help prevent future tragedies.

The vote last Monday (January 14) was really just the beginning of an
important debate.

I believe we need to repeal and replace parts of the new gun control
legislation and keep the sections pertaining to increased penalties on
criminals, use of illegal guns, securing our schools and addressing the
seriously mentally ill.  I am currently working on legislation to
accomplish these goals.  However, I cannot do it alone.  I need your help.

I am asking Second Amendment supporters like you to continue standing
strong and to stand with me.  I launched an on-line legislative petition on
my Senate page to build public support for repealing and replacing the
restrictive new gun control.  You can sign our petition by clicking this

In less than six days our on-line petition passed 100,000 signatures!  If
you have not yet had an opportunity to do so, please go to our petition
TODAY and add your name.  If you have already signed our petition, THANK
YOU!  Please encourage your family, friends and anyone else who supports
the Second Amendment to do so.

If every New Yorker who supports the Second Amendment makes their voices
heard, we can forge a true public safety remedy that does not curtail the
Second Amendment.  The more signatures our petition receives, the better
our chances of seeing real change happen.  I will personally deliver these
petitions to Governor Cuomo and the Legislative Leaders.

I realize many are disappointed that the restrictive and unconstitutional
new gun control law was enacted.  However, now is not the time to be
dispirited or sit on the sidelines.  Now is the time for every gun owner,
hunter, sportsman and supporter of the Second Amendment to be heard!
Again, thank you for sharing your views and for reading my response.
Please continue to stay in touch.


Kathleen A. Marchione
New York State Senator, 43rd District

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    I thought I would mention that it looks like the word “questionaire” is spelled incorrectly on your website. I’ve seen some tools to help with problems like this such as SpellAlert.com or WebsiteChecker.com. I just thought you should know!


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