Updated List of NY Counties Opposing SAFE Act

Following up on our ealier report, we have learned of the following additions to the growing list of NY sheriffs who intend to defend our 2nd Amendment:

The following counties have passed legistlation opposing the NY SAFE Act

These counties are considering legislation opposing the NY SAFE Act

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  1. Glen Maine says:

    Most of our sheriffs are working together and with the New York State sheriffs Association who has strongly come out against the NY SAFE Act.

  2. Glen Maine says:

    Gov. Cuomo made a huge mistake and steped in it deep with this one. I believe the pushback is going to continue to grow and this law will be repealed. At the very least most of our police and sheriffs will use discretion and not enforce it.

  3. Adam Kosmin says:

    Thanks for dropping in Glen. See you on the 12th.

  4. Adam Kosmin says:

    Lewis County and Herkimer County are now onboard

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