Gun Grabbing Communists are Heading to Albany

There’s nothing more pathetic than fake Americans who are obviously drunk on Obama’s kool-aid. These trendies are so fast to jump on any bandwagon when it involves taking from others. “Tax the rich”, “Gun Control”, and “Obamacare” all share a common theme; one group of people imposing themselves onto another. Clearly, these idiots have no understanding of the 2nd Amendment and therefore, no real understanding of what America is supposed to be. One of Obama’s tax-exempt advocacy groups, “Organizing for Action”,  plans to crash our rally this coming Thursday. I was actually planning to skip this rally for various reasons but I will not stand by while a bunch of useful idiots attack our Republic’s freedoms. I will be in their face all day!

Update: OfA has removed the event from their site. I’ll create an account and post anything I learn from their mass emails.

Update 2: According to this New York Post article, the OfA’s rent-a-mob, 1199 SEIU, has cancelled their event. Personally, I see this as nothing more than a strategic move and fully expect to encounter a group of provocateurs come Thursday. By officially cancelling, SEIU can avoid the blame game. I’ll be on guard and will be recording should these thugs start any trouble. I find it interesting that the article makes no mention of Obama’s minions, OfA

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  1. Lew Wallace says:

    Adam good to meet you today in Albany, I was surprised they did not show up. Perhaps purple is the new brown when it comes to shirts.

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