Keeping the Oath in Albany

Today’s 2nd Amendment rally in Albany was an important and significant success. Despite the rain and lingering chill, we Oath Keepers united along with, by my estimate, 10,000 patriotic Americans in order to send a clear message to all of New York: “We will not comply!”. As a citizen Oath Keeper, I felt proud and honored to be in such great company. This was the 3rd rally I had attended and this time, wearing my official Oath Keepers hat, I felt a strong sense of appreciation from every complete stranger I walked past as they thanked me with a knowing nod, a wink, a thumb’s up, and especially the all out “Thank you”. At 12 noon, we collected ourselves on the West side of the square in order to take group photos. Judging by the people’s reaction, you’d have thought Led Zepplin reunited. Not a single person seemed capable of walking past us without stopping to capture the moment by taking a picture and waving. To every Oath Keeper reading this, let me assure you; our fellow Americans appreciate our stance and convictions. They want to see and hear us. They want our message to be spread and they respect our commitment to the defense of our liberties.

Keeping the Oath,
Adam Kosmin

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