Why I am supporting Richard Boggiano for city council

I have never been into local politics. If you had told me just 3 months ago that I would be volunteering my time making calls, ringing doorbells, and attending fund raisers, I’d have thought you might be smoking something. Then, something happened that changed everything. I found myself in a conversation with City Council candidate, Adela Rohena, and learned she had absolutely no understanding of our Constitution, Bill of Rights, or our system of government. I just couldn’t believe that someone who “might be able to tell me what the first one [Amendment] is” was running for office! The conversation was scary and just the eye opener I needed to start looking into the candidates.

In no less than 24 hours, Richard Boggiano responded to my email. Over the course of several paragraphs, he instilled a sense of confidence in me that our Constitution was both understood and highly respected. This makes sense now that I’ve learned Richard is a Marine who spent 36 years with JCPD. I’ve been working with his team for a few weeks now and in that time I have come to know him as a leader. In fact, most voters agree with me despite the fact we’re now in a run-off election scheduled for June 11. Richard is running as an Independent and I’ve watched him stick to that plan. This is important to me as I’m not the least bit happy with our new mayor who couldn’t resist plugging Obama’s amnesty agenda during his speech at yesterday’s Memorial Day service. That, along with Fulop’s weak understanding of our innate right to keep and bear arms, confirms my belief we’ll need a strong Independent in there to keep things in check.

So June 11th is fast approaching. We’ll keep getting the word out inbetween icecream cones…

Left to right: Ram Paul, Adam Kosmin, Richard Boggiano, Unknown

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