A friend sent this to me earlier today and I’ve got to share.

First, the video from 9/11/2001

Is this the same guy?

Getting back to the first video for a moment, notice how scripted the “Mostly due to structural failure, because the fires were just too intense” phrase is. Think about it… you’re in the middle of Manhattan after the Twin Towers collapsed and already know why they came down? Clearly the guy in that clip is a crisis actor.

Back to LAX, what’s this guy doing at an airport with no ticket and/or ID? So cops just let him go eh? A normal victim would be irate at being cuffed and detained in a scenario like this. Nick however, seems to be OK with it because after all, “anybody could be a suspect”. Overall, it seems like a psyop which is meant to instruct the public as follows:

    * Police can detain anyone, at any time, for any (or no) reason

    * Anyone and everyone could and should be thought of as a potential “terrorist”

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