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Mission: Obtain my NJ Firearms Purchaser ID card

Mission: Obtain my NJ Firearms Purchaser ID card

This will be an ongoing post describing my ordeals as I, a law abiding citizen, attempt to obtain my NJ Firearms Purchaser ID card. 2013-04-01 Picked up a copy of the New Jersey Gun Law Guide 2013-04-23 Attempted to submit a completed New Jersey Firearm Purchaser ID card application to the Jersey City Police Department at 1 […]

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NYPD to run checks on domestic abuse victims

It seems it’s a bad week for the boys in blue here in the big apple.  NYPD has announced its new policy on domestic abuse calls within the 5 boroughs. Traditionally if you were suffering through a domestic abuse situation you could simply call the police.  They would come investigate (maybe?) and generally, assuming you […]

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